Factory Quality Paint and Graphics

Factory paint finishes are hard to beat for quality, coverage and consistency.  That's why, if you need multiple colors or special graphics, you want to match that high quality surface. 


At Fontaine, we take pride in applying multiple coats or installing graphics so that the 100th truck looks as good as the first.


Services include:

  • Cab repainting

  • Multiple color schemes

  • Graphics installations

  • High volume truck and parts painting

Examples of Fleet Preparation:

  •   Aftermarket power mirror installations

  • Fire extinguisher/triangle relector kit

  • Communication systems 

  • Fuel monitoring systems

Putting Your Trucks into Service

Trucks waiting to be placed into service can be a drag on your operational efficiency and your bottom line.  Fontaine can help even out the production flow and get your trucks into service in the minimal amount of time. 


When needed, we can bring additional resources to bear to get your trucks on the road - and making money for you - quickly and efficiently.

After Production

Changes to the interior and exterior of the cab are sometimes needed.  Whether satisfying individual preference or meeting fleet specifications, Fontaine can help.

Examples of cab modifications:

  • Aftermarket power mirror installations

  • Fire extinguisher/triangle relector kit

  • Communication systems

  • Fuel monitoring systems

Tractor Packages


Fontaine installs tractor packages for Ford Trucks.  Our ship-through agreement means that the truck moves efficiently from the factory, through Fontaine, then to the dealer and into service. 


Tractor packages typically include:

  • A stationary Fontaine fifth wheel (model SL6PML) at your optimal position and height.

  • Minimizer black poly quarter fenders.

  • Installation of factory supplied pogo stick.

  • Aluminum deck plate (34' x 36") mounted on the frame behind the cab.

  • Back of cab access steps and hand rail mounted on the left side of the chassis.

  • Standard mudflap.

  • For fifth wheel information, click here.

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