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Work Truck Modifications

For decades, Fontaine Modification has been the company that the leading OEMs and fleets have turned to when they need chassis modifications. Properly modifying chassis for specific applications is a highly specialized field that requires experience, engineering expertise and the wherewithal to meet FMVSS standards.


Our in-house product development team designs and engineers every chassis modification to best meet the customer’s specific needs.

​Examples of modifications:

  • Drop-frame and step-frame conversions

  • Wheelbase changes

  • Tag or pusher lift axle installation

  • Frame extensions

  • Winch and specialty bumper installation

  • Exhaust modifications

  • Frame drilling

  • Telma retarder installation

  • Heavy-duty fender installation

  • Rear Spring/Air Suspension Swaps

  • Liquid Spring suspensions for ambulance service

  • Fuel Tank Swaps

  • Fuel Anti Siphon Devices

  • Body-builder prep or chassis component relocations

  • Chassis mounted equipment


Alternative Fuel Solutions

No one fuel source fits every application.  We offer a range of solutions to fit every need.

  • Complete engine installations and changes.

  • Fuel tank packages for CNG, LNG or propane.

  • Methane detection systems.

  • Installation of complete alternative fuel packages

  • CNG Systems Installations – Agility | Quantum


Sit Down Dual Drive

Fontaine Modification supports waste management companies and municipalities by providing Sit Down Dual Drive modifications on many commercial truck models. Street sweeping, road striping and refuse collection all require dual driving stations to efficiently accomplish their objectives.


For applications that require dual driving stations, we offer a complete solution.

  • Easy access to dash-mounted controls and gauges

  • “Toggle-to-work” controls

  • Right-side operator pedals, steering wheel and controls

  • OEM parts used when possible

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