We are constantly engineering new solutions.  Contact us if you do not see what you need.

Putting Your Trucks into Service

Trucks waiting to be placed into service can be a drag on your operational efficiency and your bottom line.  Fontaine can help even out the production flow and get your trucks into service in the minimal amount of time. 


When needed, we can bring additional resources to bear to get your trucks on the road - and making money for you - quickly and efficiently.

Bulk Hauler Options

Our solutions are customized to meet each customer’s needs.

  • Installation of Off-Loading Equipment

  • Off load pumps and blower systems

  • Power take-offs (PTOs)

  • Wet line systems

Truck Electronics

We stay ahead of the growing list of truck electronic systems.

  • Communication systems – Qualcomm | PeopleNet | XATA

  • Back-up cameras, TPMS, Radios

  • Collision Avoidance – Mobileye | AutoVue

  • Security systems

  • Vehicle tracking systems

  • Lane departure systems

Fleet preparation

Let us prepare the truck for its first trip.

  • Graphics packages - Logos and truck numbers

  • Permit plates and placards

  • Safety equipment, triangle kits, fire extinguishers

  • Inspections

  • Customer logo mud flaps

Auxiliary Power Units

We can handle a complete range of products.

  • Diesel powered - Thermo King TriPac | Carrier Comfort Pro

  • Electric powered - ClimaCab | Dometic | Nite | Bergstrom

Installation of Work Systems

Improving productivity and usefulness are our goals.

  • FlowBelow Chassis Aerodynamics

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Air shield and fairings

  • Automatic chassis lube systems

  • Cab guards, headache racks, tool boxes

  • Remote vehicle operations systems


Special Services

We have solutions for those special requests that come up.

  • Preparation for export

  • Modifications for specific countries

  • Low and high volume painting services

Auto Transport – Cab Lowering

Fontaine has developed solutions to satisfy the needs of autohaulers based upon the height and length requirements.

  • Lowering the cab to the chassis and relocation of components

  • Lowering the cab roof including reinforcing the top of the cab, replacing all windows, modifying interior trim

  • Lowering truck suspensions

  • Adding structural reinforcements as needed

  • Trimming the cab interior

As a result, you should expect your truck to be:

  • Optimally lowered for a reduced height to the top of cab when loaded

  • Structurally sound

  • Finished inside and out


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