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Chassis Modifications

For decades, Fontaine Modification has been the company that the leading OEMs and fleets have turned to when they need chassis modifications. Properly modifying chassis for specific applications is a highly specialized field that requires experience, engineering expertise and the wherewithal to meet FMVSS standards.


Our in-house product development team designs and engineers every chassis modification to best meet the customer’s specific needs.

Individual customer requirements needed to make trucks work better and more efficiently means that, often, standard offerings do not fit all applications.  As a result, we install many types of chassis mounted equipment and engineer new products all the time.

Steering Axle Modifications

Front axle changes allow you to considerably increase your payload and get around safely with ease and comfort.  Adding a front driving axle helps you navigate the most severe construction site conditions.  Options available include:

  • Twin steering axles

  • Tridem steering axles

  • Driving front axles

​Examples of chassis modifications:

  • Drop-frame and step-frame conversions

  • Wheelbase changes

  • Tag or pusher lift axle installation

  • Frame extensions

  • Winch and specialty bumper installation

  • Exhaust modifications

  • Frame drilling

  • Telma retarder installation

  • Heavy-duty fender installation

  • Rear Spring/Air Suspension Swaps

  • Liquid Spring suspensions for ambulance service

  • Fuel Tank Swaps

  • Fuel Anti Siphon Devices

  • Body-builder prep or chassis component relocations

  • Chassis mounted equipment

Alternative Fuel Solutions

With today’s emphasis on green initiatives, Fontaine can help satisfy your need for trucks powered with alternative fuels. Fontaine is certified to install alternative fuel engines, fuel delivery systems and complete packages at all service centers across the United States.


We have engineered, tested and installed compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and propane (LPG) configurations to meet all regulatory requirements and to ensure consistent quality. We provide a multitude of tank sizes and diameters to fit all applications and available space on your chassis.


Services include:

  • Complete engine installations and changes.

  • Fuel tank packages for CNG, LNG or propane.

  • Tanks mounted on the chassis or back of cab.

  • Methane detection systems.

  • Installation of complete alternative fuel packages

Cab Lowering

FSome of the larger, truck-mounted cranes need all the room overhead possible.  For those applications, we can lower the roof on Volvo cabs as well as lower the cab to the chassis.


Right Hand Drive

For applications that require a right hand driving station, we offer a complete solution.

  • Right-side operator pedals, steering wheel and controls

  • OEM parts used when possible


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